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¿Investigamos? 2009
ITAGRA.CT, commited to the R & D + i culture, announces every year an annual award: Do we investigate?

The objective of the award is to support the R & D + i in projects developed by university students. It covers the costs arising from the implementation of the winning proposals. Always directly or indirectly related to agriculture, the awards are directed to the projects which achieve the highest score in function of the priorities established in each call.

After finishing the work, the winners present their results in the Prize - giving Ceremony, where they receive a diploma.

In the last calls were delivered the following Do we Investigate? awards:

2012: In this call has granted a single prize of 4,000 € to the following project and student of the University of Valladolid:

* "Model algal biomass production for capturing greenhouse gases" from D. Jorge Miñón Martinez, with D. Salvador Hernandez Navarro as tutor.

2011: In this edition, two projects were granted with an award of € 2,000 per each, to the following projects and students of the University of Valladolid:

* "Development of a SCADA system for monitoring the curing of snuff " from D. Victor Martinez Martinez, with D. Jaime Gómez Gil as tutor.
* "Using abscission agents to improve grape quality mechanized harvesting" of Ms. Lorena Uzquiza Ollauri with D. Pedro Martín Peña as tutor.

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