General Presentation
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ITAGRA.CT is a private non-profit organization that was established in 2000.

The purpose of ITAGRA.CT is to offer a comprehensive service to companies and institutions within sectors Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Environmental:

*  Developing and managing projects for Applied Research, Development and Technological Innovation (R & D + i).

*  Making training work aimed primarily at workers and companies and institutions.

*  Carrying out analysis and testing (chemical, biological, agricultural, etc.)..

*  Providing consultation and technical services and business.


This association is governed by a General Assembly formed by all associated members (nowadays more than 30 firms and institutions, including Valladolid University) and by an Advisory Council, directed by a President, a Vice-president and a Secretary. The association is managed by a Director, elected by the Advisory Council.

ITAGRA.CT is organized in Areas, each of them directed by a person in charge, belonging to the Management.




ITAGRA.CT composed by human assets, whose activity is based on technical roles, commitment, responsibility and care when treating the clients.
Our staff is formed by more than 11 technicians, 20 support teachers and a variable number of scholars (belonging to, for example, the Torres Quevedo program) and unqualified students.



This association also has the so-called "Permanent collaborator of investigation", figure to which a great deal of scientists and technicians is attached, being mainly teachers who belong to Valladolid University, and experts in several fields.


Offices and Classrooms
• More than 300 m2 in installations
• Computing and software equipments.
• Available training classrooms.

• Chemistry Lab
• Microbiology Lab
• Another university specialized laboratories of shared usage

Field equipments
• Tests machinery
• Localization equipments
• Analysis and measurement systems
• Greenhouses and farming chambers


ITAGRA.CT publications


Online Training