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The creation of the OTRI ( Office for the Transfer of Investigation Results) was moved forward by the General Secretary of the National Plan in R+D, with the consecution of the first National Plan in R+D at the end of 1988, when the OTRI adquired the mobilizing role, needed by the National Plan in order to include industry in an innovative dynamics.


OTRI-ITAGRA results in an interphase structure which has in charge the task of revitalizing the relationships between the scientific scope and the business one, so as to this will take advantage of the R+D capacities and the results of the research activity in our Institution.




- To promote and increase competitivity among SMEs.
- To act as intermediate authority among research investigatiors and companies.
- To revitalize the business sector.
- To encourage projects which estimulate the transfer of results of the investigation.
- To promote R+D+i and technologic support actions.
- To detect and identify technologic requests and necessities of the comapanies.
- To boost the exchange of investigation staff.




To transfer the whole results of the research projects  which ITAGRA generate and has a usage to improve firms in the farming and Food and Agriculture sectors.
To inform, give advice and manage contracts and agreements (institutional relationships) to the companies implied in the developed activities of research.
Coverage of the technologic offers: Spreading, publication and notification of all the activities related to the transfer of technologies.
To report about the different European and national programs of R+D, the preparation of proposals and management of their processings.
Management and monitoring of the PETRI projects: Projects to stimulate the transfer of results in the research of the framework developed within the National Program for the transfer of technical and scientific results.
Patent Management.
To carry out technologic diagnosis (detection of necessities and technological requests of the firms).
To transfer the technological request to research teams.
To deal with Grants for the investigation staff: Predoctorals, Technologists, Postdoctorals, Training.

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