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ITAGRA.CT has three own laboratories:

- Agrarian Laboratory.

- Microbiological Laboratory.

- Experimentation Laboratory.

In these laboratories, we work in the necessary analitics for the proper ongoing of the agricultural and agri - food activities. Among these analysis, we can emphasize the following: soils, leaves, waters, fertilizers, compost, animal food, seeds...but too wines and microbiological parameters for the agri - food industry, among others.

The laboratories provide services both internal within the framework of the projects being developed at the Center) as external (for clients of these services).

Besides its own laboratories, ITAGRA.CT uses the facilities of the University of Valladolid, highlighting the Laboratory of Genetic Diagnosis, specialized in the genetic characterization of vegetable species.


An agreement with the Council of Palencia, allows ITAGRA.CT to offer its services of soil testing , and the analysis of fertilizer, water and other agricultural products, at very affordable prices for the farmers from the province of Palencia.








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